Lucky Shots

Website for friends to share and enjoy photography

What's good about this site:

The website provides a platform for friends to share their photography with each other. Users can upload, view, and comment on photos, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for each other's artistic work.

What's problematic about this site:

As of now, there are no evident problematic aspects about the site.

What's humorous about the name:

The name "Lucky Shots" implies that the photographs shared on the site are a result of pure luck rather than skillful composition, which can be amusing.


#photography #friends #photoSharing #community


Photography, friendship, sharing, community

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Intended audience:

Friends interested in photography, who want to connect and share their work with each other.


There is no known controversy associated with this website.

Value for humanity:

The website fosters creativity, friendship, and a sense of community among its users. It provides an opportunity for friends to share their passion for photography and appreciate each other's skills, bringing joy and inspiration to their lives.